My Year in Review 2016

April 14, 2017, by Hamid Siddiqui

Note: I started writing this post in January 2017

2k16 has been an amazing year for me. This post is a kind of self evaluation for me and to prepare myself for the next year to come. I'll try to document the different events to the best of my memory together with my social media activity. Most of the details would be about the projects I worked on ( because I don't have anything else? )

Jan '16 : Made a JavaFX application[9KB] to organize files in any directory by classifying them in different folders. It basically cleans your Downloads folder of all the mess. I still use the application to clean up the setup files lying around and taking huge space.This project was inspired by the command line python classifier.

Using File Organizer

Check the Github repo for source code and the jar file

Feb '16: CodeStalk - This project was inspired by a casual talk with my friend Shivam. We were probably talking about competitive programming and how there should be something to notify you when your friends solve a new problem. Wait! I can build that! I began coding and finished the basic scraper within few hours. Later I added the views, user registrations and made the app public the next day. I scheduled the scraper to run after every 10 min and check if any new problem is solved by any codechef handle then an email notification is sent to all persons tracking that handle. People still message me how their heartbeat increases when they receive an email from CodeStalk.

Ugly Github Code

April '16: Published my first android app, Java Programming. More than 10k downloads at the time of writing this post. Read More

July '16: PassHoJao v 2.0 - Why v 2.0 ? Because I made a similar site using wordpress in 2015 when I had no knowledge of proper development. It was just plug and play back then but I realized that wordpress has limited functionality and customizing everything is tiresome when you don't know half of the things. PassHoJao's traffic is mostly organic and every month there is a steady growth in the number of page views. It is used by my college mates extensively and has been great in buying/selling of college books and drafters for students.

Nov '16: Published my second android app, Hindi Cartoons.

More than 1.5 lakh downloads at the time of writing this post.

This app was also started as a casual talk with my friends. The growth for Hindi Cartoons was explosive! Within just a few days of publishing the app I was getting over 1k downloads daily. Later it increased to around 4k-6k downloads daily after the app was listed in the "Trending" section of the Google Play Store. My email was flooding with requests for more content, people started following my pages and messaging to show appreciation. During the first 2-3 days of launch I commented with a link to my app on few Facebook posts related to cartoons to increase the reach but not anymore, shortly every cartoon post I saw already had a comment from someone about my app.

I even witnessed people uploading videos on youtube on how to use Hindi Cartoons app or how to watch old cartoons. In short the app was going viral! Here is a playlist I created of all the videos related to the HC app I found.

I'll write another post about the complete story of Hindi Cartoons, how I turned a 25$ investment to a monthly income being in 2nd year of college.

Dec '16: It was basically updating Hindi Cartoons app and responding to messages and emails. Now I don't reply to people much because of the huge number of emails I receive daily. I read most of them daily and thank all the users for their great support. I listen to all the requests and try to fix the problems faced the earliest.

What's in store for 2017?

2017 has been amazing so far. I have started making money :D I won't reveal the exact amount but it is around the average salary of an IT employee in India. I gifted my sister a mobile phone (Moto M) because her old phone was on the verge of dying. She was extremely happy :D

I also got a Macbook Pro! Yayyy finally I have my own laptop :) (this also requires another post right?) Ok enough of writing for one post, will try to post regularly from now on since I have shifted the app to another account on Heroku. If you did visit this blog earlier you might have noticed exceptionally slow loading or timeout errors because Heroku offers only one free app to be up 24/7(if you have verified your account with a credit card). Since I already had a few apps running on my main Heroku account and due to the dyno sleeping because of less traffic this blog was completely neglected. Shifting to another account will enable 24/7 uptime and I can post regularly :) I have also added a regular ping using NewRelic to prevent the dyno from sleeping.

Thanks for reading till the end! See you later.

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